Project -Lockdown (Transformer 4) EP1-Inspired Rendered model

Updated: May 4, 2018

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This project inspired by Lockdown antagonist character in transformer 4 as bounty hunter. It is pretty cool he work alone and "i dont care". His look really badass.

Prime 1 studio figure really helpful for me to look the detail of lockdown body and brainstorm the idea for the look later

A big thanks to bulgarov, the 3d artist for this chracter. His rendered look down look awesome.

back look

front look

After a few month brainstorming and collecting idea, the rendered design based on CM h500p come out.

this is the base design chassis with almost 80% accurate design by me. take about a week. Then I can start, edit the chasis (editing is more that recreating it)

The custom loop rendered for this rig too. I prefer a blue light coolant color to replicate the chest of lockdown. T

he clearance look a bit tight. we adjust them in real life later!

My proposal have been done and start sending for requesting sponsor. Hope all the part approve and i can get ASAP especially the chassis h500p.

here bonus scene from youtube of lockdown.

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