Project Lockdown ( Transformer 4) EP3- Reframe Chasis

Updated: May 4, 2018

Thanks for all the sponsor for make it happen

#gigabyte #coolermaster #ryzen #watercool

this is part that already received. waiting for ryzen and watercool part only.

From base on h500p i start tear up part by part

most part are easly taken off by sliding or screw. this is great for modder to have custom mount on them

this is last of tear up with all screw off (pci-express, filter, foot pad, rubber pad slot in picture can be taken off also) further from this need removing of rivet.

exploded view in order of tear part

now it is time to remove the rivet using 3mm drill. first place i using 2.5mm but fail to remove completely the rivet. 3mm do the job easily. for first time removing the rivet is pretty hard finding the only necessary rivet that need to drill.

In order need remove complete the mount panel. u need to any side of the panel. mean you cant get mount panel if you dont remove any side panel.

after remove the rivet. only critical part as design be taken. back panel, mobo mount are removed from this mod

i go to local shop finding the metal for frame panel. I pickup L shape aluminium because aluminium is soft and easy to work on it. L design shape give a rigid shape with less thickness and light weight.

the back side panel reuse for PSU mounting later. It also give easy job later for me for mounting the L shape can hook up to existence shape.

PSU mount from the back is rivet back into the place

I do mod in front of my home .after using grinder a few time. My 20 flat storey is not happy with those grinder sound. time to change to classic cut.

welcome the club jigsaw. A slow, steady but tired of sweatness. hahahha

To make the look of lockdown more like mechanical shape (also as in design reference). I used broken part of motorcycle absorber. I get them a local workshop with RM10 for both of it.

now planning time for gradient support the mobo mounting. the component place to estimated how good it is.

first attempt did on single side before processed to another side. the problem hand mod with mechanical shape is they are symmetry and skill level need to be expert to make them in line.

Cut the L shape aluminium make it as bracket. then mount the absorber (picture of bottom bracket still not screw)

estimate the position for absorber mount. i used long screw. so i can cut them whatever desired length and nut them.

getting in a place, then screw them. (to be rivet later. I used screw because later i can make necessary adjustment later)

all in nice shape now to mobo tray mounting

after getting the template I screw them a few place (to rivet). I used 3.5mm mount from the chasis provice

perfect position. hand drill and template usually is not precise. a few tolerance need to be done. to get the screw mount i drill 2.5mm drill. then tap them with 3mm. U can use scre to make the thread.

5 mounting point to make the mobo stand well

test for mount. perfect in place

getting exited i just try plug back the top and front panel

ops someone is watching from the far.

now working on top panel mount. from the design it shape as stream line on the back (more slim on the back). FIrst cut and bend them. i check the measurement on how much angle to bend.

after getting the streamline look. the cut the L aluminium and screw them.

same as top panel that will be reused later. To follow the mount shape then same adjustment to be made.

this one screw mounting is lovely. easy joint. so planning to reused that.

file them to better shape

on first place i working on side of the top panel for reservoir pop out look style. i just check them from paper dimension. cutting this is no turning back. So i think better i wait for reservoir from watercool to ship to my home from german to malaysia.

and rivet it back

put in on top and make a hole for screw. perfect.

put in the panel back. look great.

I should proceed for another part but currently the item is in not my hand

-plexiglass and dremel saw (left at my hometown)

-tail light need to 3d printed (thanks hamman for helping me print those tail light)

-mounting radiator, reservoir (not ship yet from German)

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