Project Lockdown ( Transformer 4) EP2- Taillight Aventador Simulation

Updated: May 4, 2018

I still waiting from CM for my H500P. Look like I cant get that ASAP. So i proceed to electronic stuff of taillight. Before going to real one i decide to do the schematic and simulation.

reference from real aventador tail light

So i decided to make it pattern running like like this

I used fritzing software. great tool for beginner to design out.

Using Attiny85 based on digispark board is really advantage. It is small, cheap and able redirect used with Arduino IDE.

To make running we need adressable LED. I pickup WS2812B strip model with density 60LED/m

In phsyical it should like this ( opps ! the center should meet at the opposite like the real tail light design. It ok it just shape. the circuit remain same)

This is first section and should be another 2 to complete 1 side of tail light.

The 2 like combined is share same line (thus they have parallel connection of D input)

The schematic circuit for this section (noted that. the last end is meet to the first of 2nd section).

data pin connect pin 0

5V connect to power source supply

and ground to ground

Now it is time for coding. Using Arduino IDE with a litthe enchance of board management from digispark web.

The coding is for testing for first section only so that. I used only 7 LED declared because 6 of them is sharing 2 different line. I used fast LED library.


POWER consumption

each LED consume 60mA @5V (20mA for each R G B)

So for total 1 headlight

60mA X 10LED X 3section = 1.8Amp @ 5V

9 watt for each tail light

18 watt for both tail light Left right

Here bonus vid a few pattern coding sample that i have

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