Project Lockdown ( Transformer 4) EP4- Reframe Chasis2

Received part from

the importan part is the reservoir with D5 top. top notch quality from


lastly can do cutting on top part of the chassis because need reservoir dimension specifically.

now proceed to cutting part

then file it (this is my first planning to reuse some part of the frame.)

the left space between those will be fill by reservoir.

However the small piece at the back is not going to work. the size reservoir cannot fit well. so i throw back part and make a new one using L frame aluminium.

In order to maintain the stream like shape. I try to make the tube parallel to edge. however hand cut is not always symmetry. i found that the stream line shape is no longer exist. So i remake those with parallel frame on top.

Now it look more symmetrical

test mount the res on right part. (suddenly fill like terminator machine gun)

to add support the reservoir (1.4kg without water and pump) I used hydraulic gas with 100N pressure each. (and have mecha look shape)

Proceed to graphic card mounting also act as extra support for the top part.

sorry i just found how to have multiple upload. bottom is graphic card mounting.

I used riser and drill new hole to fit into the bracket. then create the mounting. the card mount great without sagging

then i proceeded for panel part. because reservoir is over the limit. so the top cover need to be cut so it can fit well

currently i still thinking how to have great look with those riser. so my collegue suggest for this route. however this route take up to 1meter riser. I have on 2x30cm on hand.

I planning to strip those wire round up to have cylinder shape.

here some extra photo-shoot for the latest update

and this kid Quality Control. Always checking my mod

got this for about Rm1 each for laser effect. red color

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