Project Mclaren-EP1-sketching, framing

Updated: Mar 5, 2018

I decided to open scratch build from my previous built to joint the showcase of serverdna. I see limited time/no chance of getting h500p in time from CM.

This scratch built inspired by concept car of Mclaren GT3

before start I do a few sketches for main frame and body cover

Now can start framing using L shape aluminium and ribet.

The L ruler is not even 90 degree. waste my time made in China. i wonder why my line is not match when cutting.

A complete frame. it weight less than 100gm . Light weight but it need a little reinforcement

so that can hold more heavy item.

A plan position for PSU on bottom to give the chassis make stable

.Reinforcement of the frame by using my X shape . I try to replicate the look of crossbar in racing car

Now every part is assemble so that all hardware can fit nicely into this frame.

Full vlog for framing



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