Project Mclaren-EP3-wiring, painting and assemble

Now it is time for wiring all the switches. the temperature monitoring is taking environment temperature. the push button and the key in series. All the LED on the panel is connected to 5V. The vlog show the connection of in front panel. (check vlog video on bottom post)

one of the rocker switch is connected to temperature LED panel. another one is to main switch

after complete all necessary it is final process to paint the RIG. Try to make the theme color as close as possible to gt3 mclaren

i manage to recycle my old part ID cooling 240 and pentium G. the PNY ssd. I ask a few brand sponsor but dont manage to get it except seagate malaysia. alse recycle from refurbished hardware of GTX650. Love to have custom loop on my hardware.

cover boy is nicely finished with orange, white and carbon fiber color.

main part assemble

this part cover the X frame and hide some messy wire under here.

i deciced to use raspberry pi screen size of 5" as full monitoring using cam software

halfway assembly on top

Thanks seagate malaysia for sponsor SSHD 2tb 2.5inch

here full vlog of assembling

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