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Project Meteor (DIY by S.PiC)

Updated: Apr 21, 2018

Everyone has childhood dreams, and sometimes we have the opportunity to bring them to life. Books about astronauts always carried away, and space beckoned to itself. One story about the pioneers of space will forever remain in my memory. They built a ladder to the stars, and they were forgotten and written off to the history dump. This project is dedicated to the monument to the pioneers of space from that book.

All my mods I completely do it myself (work/photos/videos), unfortunately my children are still too young to help me)) But my Cat controls all stages of my work and does not allow me to relax) In the previous work it took me more than 8 months of work each. I can't buy expensive materials and tools, so Many thanks to sponsors without which I would not be able to make my projects! The guys from ASUS, Transcend and Cooler Master provided me with the main components for last mods, and some of the components were won in the competition.

One man, one cat, one router and a huge job, so let's video work-log begin!

Hard work and no time to sleep!

A small reference to the film "Total Recall" 2012. (The piano scene). I hope you enjoy it!))

Meteor final cut & painting...

Some photos:

MasterCase 5t and some COOLing :)

Power of ASUS ROG Strix 1080.

Head of quality control Department :)

CatQuality control at all stages of work...

Painting in process...

Final photos:

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