Hi everyone, This's my case modding project. I have been inspired by the zodiac sign of my birth. I want to make a computer case with two faces in a single body like twins. When in a bright room, it will feel simple, elegant, cool. When in a dark Gaming room will feel hot and aggressive

Thanks to all sponsors who support me.

Thanks to all sponsors who support me.

I choose Q300P It is an interesting case. It can be used for a variety of settings.Because the case has holes to support modding.

I started by designing in the program to design and calculate metal sheet for support new part. I love this case very much because I personally use it.

I want to keep all of signature of this case. I don't want to change it to another. I just wanted to feel that it was an upgraded version. I will used mineral-oil for cooling.

1... 2... 3... Start !!

Setting light and check everthing before set up with case

Special Thanks - My brother for electric wiring system

Special Thanks - My another brother for video production

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