Quake Champions: Ranger

Updated: Jul 10, 2018

For this mod ill be transforming the CoolerMaster MasterCase 5t into a battered and beaten armour set just like the Ranger's.

The Ranger case mod is directly inspired by the armor worn by the Ranger.

So i begun by painting the exterior of the case yellow and deep red. with the inside being brown.

This is where the fun began for this build! As although the picture above doesnt really show it, Ranger is often beaten and bloody! So out came my favourite modding tools; the hammer, fire and knives to bring down all sorts of wear and tear to the case.

Then i threw on layer upon layer of brown and black washes to age every piece of the case. Followed by buckets of blood.

This mod would be using an AiO cooler, but i was determine to heavily mod this so i popped out the acrylic cover and took it out the gun range. carefully placing a bullet just through the edge. The result was exactly what i wanted! A cracked piece of acrylic with a hole it in. Add some weathering paint techniques and it matches the build perfectly!

The GPU Backplates were weathered in the same fashion but with Quake being left nice and clean to provide a contrast to display the logo

I made the power supply cover in the shape of his shoulder armor and again heavily weathered each piece before using the 2 pieces to hide the PSU. The motherboard cover was done in the same fashion.

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