Quake Champions ScaleBearer

Updated: Jul 10, 2018

This build shall be in the CoolerMaster Cosmos 2. The plan is to pull down the existing steel arms to the front of the case like his oxygen tubes and then build up the scales around the top section of the case, with armor panels and the light blue undertone

I was super lazy with WIP shots for this build....

But here is a breakdown of what i did alongside the pictures i did take

To start with I cut a massive hole in the side of the case in representation of the hole in his chest. This hole was later back lit with EL wire.

I then began replicating the blue of his skin. A light blue tone with darker blue blemishes.

I then began to build up scales across the front and both sides but only on the upper sides.

These scales were made from 3mm MDF that was first burnt until it cracked and then painted with browns and reds to get the desired effect.

These scales were then layered to replicate his arms and the top of his chest.

The supporting beams of the Cosmos 2 were cut and then extended down to the front panel before being re fixed into place. Just as seen on the ScaleBearer image above.

For the inside of the case the covers were made in the same method as the scales and then applied next to the motherboard, hard drives and graphics cards.

The Powersupply cover takes inspiration from ScaleBearers leg armor.

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