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Updated: Jul 14, 2018

This build shall be in the Q300P and be based on Bethesda's upcoming game Rage 2.

The plan is to over fill the Q300P with a full size ATX motherboard, dual 1080tis and a dual loop.

All of the hardware shall be built into the case with the exception on the pump res combos which shall be mounted to the new top of the case.

The case will also be rotated 90 degrees so the motherboard io is at the bottom of the case. The 2 supplied covers with the case shall make up the front and the back.

Here is my order of execution.

1. Remove current PSU Moutning point.

2. Reinforce that area so 2nd GPU has a mounting point

3. Alter mobo tray so full size ATX board can fit.

4. Make new PSU bracket at the back of the case.

5. Paint case & PSU to look like new metal.

6. Weather all hardware so it looks like its fresh out of the Apocalypse.

7. Cover the case in relevant graffiti from supplied game resources.

8. Install all hardware

9. Build loops.

1. The first order of business was to crack out the dremel with a cut off wheel and remove the entire bottom section of the back panel. The key reason i didnt remove the entire panel and make a new one that fits perfectly is because vehicles and weapons are depicted as botched and thrown together in RAGE.

The bottom corner of the case was also cut out to make room for the 2nd radiator

2. So with the old PSU bracket removed it was time to make a new bracket that could support the 2nd GPU and reinforce the existing PCI slots. This bracket was made out of 2 welded acrylic pieces.

3. Adjusting the case to fit a full size ATX motherboard was actually super simple... I simply put my board template lining it up with the existing standoff holes and drilled in the bottom line adding new stands off in the freshly threaded holes.

4. Now to find a new home for the Powersupply. I marked out and cut a hole on the perferated new back panel. The glory of this panel is that the screw holes line up so all i had to do was remove the metal in the middle providing access to the PSU plug. Again in a regular case i would have taken additional time to ensure that there was a proper bracket. But thats off theme in this case. An additional hole had to be cut to make room for the 2nd radiators ports.

The bottom of the rear panel was also cut out as the rad is mounted lower and the room shall be needed for the fans.

5. I then painted the entire case in a hammered metal paint. I spritzed water over the enamel paint as it was drying to cause air pockets as the water will evaporate. Ill make use of these pockets during the weathering stage. The radiators were also painted, one yellow and the other pink. The Res mounts were given the same treatment.

The Power Supply was painted with a stainless steel paint after the stickers were crudely removed. A blue circle was then painted on the back side. this will come into effect come step 7.

I carved the RAGE logo into the light cover, cutting all the way through and gluing a piece of acetate behind to disperse the light. This piece was then spritzed with pink and yellow.

6. This is by far my favourite part of the modding process. WEATHERING! Time for me to crack out my Blow torch and hammers! (as well as my acrylics) and go to town on the entire case and extras.

I start by going over the entire case with different browns, yellows, reds and gold to make a basic rust effect over the entire case. I then set the panels on fire causing all the air pockets i mentioned previously to crack and pop.

Top of the case

the motherboard plate wont be visible so i didnt waste the paint but the edges were weathered to match.

Front Panel weathered

I then took a hammer to the front leg to buckle it and split the rubber. This was then set on fire :D

The reservoirs and brackets were also weathered with different black and browns. i avoided yellow and gold tinges to dampen the colour pallet.

The radiators received the same treatment

Weatherd CPU block

The RAGE panel had paint black and brown paint jammed into the groves and then the top was set on fire!

I noticed through the screenshots and models of the vehicles from RAGE 2 that they all had faces in some way shape or form. Some were very obvious and others were much more discrete.

I decided to replace the side panel with a face. So i cut some eyes and teeh out of acrylic, painted it with a steel effect and drilled mounting holes. Because the Q300P IO is so easy to manipulate around the case, i incorporated it into the bottom jaw.

7. The graffiti work took several hours and i only took photos once the process was complete as i was fairly focused on the design and colour.

All of the graffiti was done free hand based on screenshots and video footage of the game.

It was all drawn with IRONLAK Paint Pens

Here is the top panel before the reservoirs are installed.

Front Panel

Rear Side Panel with sponsor logos (Vinyl was used to template sponsor logos, i cant freehand that good...)

Back Panel


Now it is time to install all of the hardware and get to piping the dual loop!

However this is where the pictures end ;) Youll need to have a look at the final submission to see all the hardware in the build.

The only modding left to occur is drilling some holes for some pass throughs.

In saying that though! I was stoked with just how accurate my measurements were on the clearance between the PSU and GPUS! Literally millimetres to spare!

Since the cables are visible in the next picture ill detail what i did to them! I had a bunch of Cooler Master V series cables from cablemod sitting around from ages ago. These cables were then painted with a brush with the yellow and pink used on the radiator and then rolled in dirt to weather them.

All of the hardware is mounted at this point! Now just to run the tubes, fill it, PRAY it doesnt leak... and then take the beauty shots :)

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