Sarawak Kenyalang - Part 3_Art and Design

This part will be all for Art and Design and Software Pre-Cut. Special Thanks to my designer for extracting my idea into reality and Zach for adjust all the design before actual Cut

- So here are the 1st design before finalize for the mod.

- So here are the final Design. Look how much change and different it look before and after.

Have to make it smaller. Because the image cant be stretch wider.

- the very 1st problem is that we cant cut distance less than 0.3 and we have adjust it more distance. the other problem is that from we have to cut the side that is not support because no frame (picture : bottom most left).

Here are the rest of the design for the mod. All the size have to adjust. But doesn't affect the final product.

*Another problem is some of the part the machine cant cut to *curvy*


Here are the update from the computer part. I added 8 RGB Fan and Cooler Master Nepton 240M

- Next Update will be Cutting and final result after cutting !

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