Sarawakian Kenyalang

Updated: Mar 29, 2018

Hey guys

This is my 1st time joining this CMWS, Nervous and excited and multiple of feeling.

Here we are present you guys with #sarawakiankenyalang themes mod. We are using #mastercasepro3 for our mod. so stay tunes with us !

What make me love doing this Sarawak themes is the native design from multiple ethnic and race in Sarawak. Kenyalang, Burung kenyalang which in english Rhinoceros Hornbill bird is the main icon of Sarawak state.

Special Thanks to Cooler Master Malaysia for sponsoring us the case and the accesories ! Much love from me.

*image from Cooler Master* - Cooler Master Mastercase Pro 3

*Me myself and I with the sponsor case and the accessories <3

*Image from Google* - more than 31 ethnic and race in Sarawak, Here one of the sample design from the ORANG ULU.

Sarawak official colour are Yellow Black and Red

*Image from Google* - Here are the Sarawak Flag

Coat of Arm of Sarawak

More update soon !

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