Hi Everyone and Judges,

I would like to proudly present my tower mod "Scout-22"

My tower mod on the Cooler Master CMStorm Scout 2 was inspired from one of my favorite movie called Chappie - a movie about a robot that has an advanced artificial intelligence and can protect humans. Since Chappie the robot, is one of the first kind to be so intelligent and it's model number is 22, I am named my tower mod Scout-22.

Before I started the project, I was browsing through all of the Cooler Master chassis and I finally found the "CMStorm Scout 2" chassis to be a perfect fit for my project. This is because the overall design of the CMStorm Scout 2 looked very much alike to Chappie's head. It just needed some more modifications and additional works to look similar to Chappie.

Now my tower mod Scout-22 is completed and I am very happy and proud to show all of you my project end result. I hope you like it!!!

I would also like to thank my helpful friends and sponsors, it has been an interesting learning curve and experience:

Last but not least, big thanks to my sponsors who have supported for this project: COOLER MASTER, COLORFUL, ZADAK, CABLEMOD AND WD.

Without my friends and sponsors, this project would not have been possible, so I would like to say THANK YOU again and love you guys


Specifications: CPU: INTEL 1151 CORE I5 6500 3.2 GHz GPU: iGame GeForce GTX1080 Vulcan X MB: iGame Z270 Ymir-X HDD. WD 1 TB green SSD: ZADAK SHIELD RGB 240 GB SSD RAM: ZADAK 16GB 3600 MHz DDR4 Memory PSU: Cooler Master G650M COOLER : MASTERAIR G100M FAN : Cooler Master turbine master x5 CASE: Cooler Master Storm scout 2

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