Worklog #4 | PC desk Spike | by JRelooc

Hi there, this is the third blog post about my PC desk "Spike" which I´ve designed myself.

Here I will post some pictures of my project and some other information.

If you didn´t read my last blog posts, please read them first.

I am Jannis from Germany so please let me know in the comments, if I can correct any mistakes. ;)

If you´ve got some questions or like my project, I would be really happy if you leave some feedback below or write a comment.

I designed my desk in a 3d software and I also built it myself. You can find the newest updates on my YouTube channel. It would be really cool, if you´d check it out:

Some companies also liked my project and sent me some nice hardware.

Huge thanks to: Aquatuning (Alphacool+Phobya), Caseking, Coolermaster, Msi and Nvidia. Without them my project wouldn´t be possible. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

The last step which I showed in my last blog was the delidding of my CPU. The next thing I did was some cablework on the power strip. I modified it so that I can build it into my desk.

Then I recieved the other package of Aquatuning and I had almost all the parts for my watercooling loop.

After unboxing the watercooling parts, I modified my radiator from Alphacool so that it can also light up in all the colors I want. Then I mounted it on the sides of my desk.

(First this logo was blue and now it is white and equipped with RGB LED´s underneath.)

After that I glued my delidded CPU back together and mounted it on the mainboard.

Later, I mounted the motherboard on my desk and modified it with some carbon wrap.

I also modded the RGB rings for my water reservoir.

Before mounting the reservoirs, I flushed/cleaned them with destilled water.

Here is how the mounted reservoir looks like. (I put some clean film / foil above the other hardware to prevent dust from getting on the parts.

I also worked on the first sleeved cable.

Here is a picture of the MSI dragon: ;)

The last thing which I will show in this post is when I disassembled my NAS system. It came in a case but I wanted to put it in my desk so I don´t need a case ;)

This is how it looked like when I mounted it on the desk. I put some tape around it to ensure that it is mounted straight.

All together the desk looked like this:

The fourth worklog can be found here:



This was my third worklog of my PC desk. If you liked it please leave a like/comment and subscribe to my YouTube channel. I´m also happy if you leave some feedback below. :) -Jannis

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