Worklog #5 | PC desk Spike | by JRelooc

Updated: May 1, 2018

Hi there,

this is the fifth blog post about my PC desk "Spike" which I´ve designed myself.

Here I will post some pictures of my project and some other information.

If you didn´t read my last blog posts, please read them first.

I am Jannis from Germany so please let me know in the comments, if I can correct any mistakes. ;)

If you´ve got some questions or like my project, I would be really happy if you leave some feedback below or write a comment.

I designed my desk in a 3d software and I also built it myself. You can find the newest updates on my YouTube channel. It would be really cool, if you´d check it out:

Some companies also liked my project and sent me some nice hardware.

Huge thanks to: Aquatuning (Alphacool+Phobya), Caseking, Coolermaster, Msi and Nvidia. Without them my project wouldn´t be possible. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

The last step which I showed in my last blog was the NAS sytem which I disassembled to build it into the PC.

After that the glass which was cut for me arrived. I ordered 3 glass panes. The big one for the top, a smaller one for the front and a little one which will be inside the desk/ in the PC space. On this pane the logos of my sponsors will be.

Then I continued to work on my NAS system. I put it in the right place and then screwed the fan onto the wood.

I also worked on the watercooling and made the first tubes.

Then I worked on the slope of my desk.

Then I continued to work on the watercooling and recieved a 3rd package of Aquatuning with some more Fittings.

This is the display cable of my NAS system: (Because the original one was too short and my display will be placed in the slope of the desk, I had to buy a new one.

I also worked on the back of the slope and made some cable management there.

On this picture you can see how I connected the buttons at the right front of the desk to my NAS system to turn it on/off:

This is how the slope of the desk turned out looking. The green thing is my fingerprint scanner. It can type my passwords if I put my finger on it.

At the end of my 5th worklog/blog post my desk looked like this:

The fifth worklog can be found here:



This was my fifth worklog of my PC desk.

I will post another worklog in the future, but at the moment my 6th worklog isn´t completed yet so it will take some time until I will post the next worklog. (I will start editing today)

(There will probably be one more worklog post and then the final summary) :)

If you liked it please leave a like/comment and subscribe to my YouTube channel. I´m also happy if you leave some feedback below. :) -Jannis


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