Last worklog before final post | Worklog #6 | PC desk Spike | by JRelooc

Hi there,

this is the last blog post before I will post my final submission about my PC desk "Spike" which I´ve designed myself.

Here I will post some pictures of my project and some other information.

If you didn´t read my last blog posts, please read them first.

I am Jannis from Germany so please let me know in the comments, if I can correct any mistakes. ;)

If you´ve got some questions or like my project, I would be really happy if you leave some feedback below or write a comment.

I designed my desk in a 3d software and I also built it myself. You can find the newest updates on my YouTube channel. It would be really cool, if you´d check it out:

Some companies also liked my project and sent me some nice hardware.

Huge thanks to: Aquatuning (Alphacool+Phobya), Caseking, Coolermaster, Msi and Nvidia. Without them my project wouldn´t be possible. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

In my 6th worklog I will show you the (almost) last steps before my project is finished.

First, I recieved my fans from Coolermaster. (Masterfan Pro 120mm RGB)<

(Thanks to Coolermaster for the nice and fast support! :) )

Then I changed the ugly and boring fans of my PSU and NAS System.

I also recieved my new keyboard for my project, which is the MSI GK 701 RGB.

There will also be a review of this keyboard on my channel soon. :)

A bit later my 4k monitor arrived, which I bought myself.

(I also mounted it on the wall later)

Here is a picture of my 3d printed model of my desk:

To get my project finished I also needed RAM, SSD and I also had to fill up my water loop.

This is the RAM i bought:

After installing these parts, my PC was almost running, the only thing that was missing were some cables and the watercooling.

The liquid which I use for cooling my PC is UV Red, but it somehow looks a bit too pink, so I will have to change it or put some dark red dye in it.

After filling up the loop, I could finally turn on the PC for the first time :)

After I tested if everything is working, I installed windows and moved ~700Gb of files from my laptop to my PC and NAS system.

(I used my laptop like a PC before and did everything like Gaming etc. on it.)

Then I recieved a Decal which I ordered and assembled it on my glass pane.

Under this glass pane there will be an LED strip so the logos will light up when I turn the PC on.

The 6th. worklog in English can be found here:

This is already the end of my 6th worklog. Until now, I already did some cable management, made some wooden "cablehiders" etc.

The only things missing now are some more cable management, make the water dark red, fix my NAS system (display cable too short etc) and connect all LED strips.

I want to have my project finished this month/before the final submission date.

My goal is to finish it in the next 3 weeks until May 21st.

Then I will post a final post with a final video! :)

If you like my project I´m happy if you leave some feedback below, or subscribe to my YouTube channel :)


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