Star Wars Monitor Mod - Part 1: Cutting the wood

Besides our X-Wing we also got the opportunity to modify a Viewsonic XG2402 monitor.

To keep the Star Wars theme, it should look like a cockpit from a space ship that may be fits

into this specific universe.

Everything started with a simple sketch.

To get a better feeling for the strukture and design, we made a template

out of cardboard. Here we also tried to include as many details as possible.

The cardboard was then transfered onto paper to get all the measurements right.

Next, everything was again transfered, this time directly onto the mdf plates.

Then the cutting began.

Outlines were made with a table saw and the cut outs simply with a jig saw.

Also all other panels were cut and the holes were made.

At the end we ended up with a bunch of wood.

After the parts were losely put together, for a first quick test fitting, the gluing started.

And always remember, you cant have enough clamps.

#cmws18 #StarWars #XWing

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