Star Wars Monitor Mod - Part 2: The base is done

After gluing the first pieces, I decided to add a drawer for the keyboard

to the monitor. To figure out the exact position, I used some tape to hold the

drawer temporarily in place. The inside was covered with black carbon foil.

Then the top part was glued together. Clamps are still the way to go.

On the top panel, I added small holes fo a bit of ventilation.

Here I will also install a light effect later.

I found this old mouse here in the trash, so I decided

to maybe use it also for the monitor, cause a keyboard is already added.

The track ball really gives a nice touch to it.

Now the panels for all the buttons are still missing, but

I already designed them in 3D, and my printer is ready.

#cmws18 #Starwars #Xwing

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