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Hey guys!

Here we go for another project of [B]casemodding[/B] to be displayed in the [B]Campus Party Brazil[/B], and this time in issue number 11!

The theme of the project is going to be the series [B]Westworld[/B], which for those who do not know, tells a story of a technologically advanced future, and is happening in a theme park that simulates the old west, which is populated by androids synthetics that cater to the wishes of visitors!

Enough talk and let's get to!

As a basis for the project, the case will be used Master Case 5 Pro by Cooler Master!

At the moment I am not yet with him in hand, to show pictures and details, but as soon as I receive, I promise to do a mini personal pro review.

Now without more presentations, and let's go to the project!

As I'm still without the cabinet and without the hardware defined, I'm working on one of the parts of the project, which will be the logo android of the series in 3D on one of the sides, and to create the same, I decided to risk carving it in [B]clay[/B]!

It is my first experience with this type of work, but I talked to some friends who already know techniques and saw a lot of videos on youtube.

I'm still working on it, missing some parts, making some details on the parts that are finished better, and after all, I pass the solvent to get a smoother finish on everything, and then make a silicone mold for the final model in resin.

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