Starwars X-Wing - Part 10: Still the Exhaust :)

After all the exhaust parts were printed, I started with the processing.

Some areas had to be processed not only with sand paper, but also by using some needle files.

I also filled gaps with milliput and sanded the spots down.

Before the next processing step, I needed to include the light system into the exhaust.

Therefore, I cut LED stripes to the right lenght and glued them into place. Because it is hard to reach them after assembly, I secured the strips also with hot glue. In addition, two pieces of paper clips were cut and glued to the piece. This will help to glue the exhaust parts together.

For a diffuse light comming out of the exhaust, I cut an acrylic disk and sanded the surface of

both sides.

Then it was glued in place. For the next processing steps, I covered the side facing outwards with some tape.

After all parts were glued together, I made a quick test of the light.

While Working on the exhaust, two turbines got printed.

Next up will be the final step of processing the exhaust and then start with the turbines.

#cmws18 #Starwars #Xwing

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