Starwars X-Wing - Part 12: Finishing the BB-8

Time is running out, so here we go with another update.

This time, I finished the BB-8 unit that will sit at the back of the X-Wing.

First, I printed and processed the BB-8

I filled in smaller gaps and coated all with some layers of spray filler. After some wet sanding,

one layer of grey primer followed.

Next, the first layer of color was applied. I sprayed on some white to give the BB-8

a nice uniform look to begin with. Then, I masked some spots for the first highlights.

Orange was dabbed on to give it a more used look and not make it look to perfect.

After the orange dried, I applied the silver parts.

For more depth, I used a very fine brush and colored all small gaps in black.

In addition, some small chipping effects were added. Therefore, I painted some spots black.

Then, silver paint was applied. But make sure to leave a thin rim of black to create a 3 dimensional effect.

Cause the X-Wing will be painted in a used look, and the BB-8 also has traveled to space a lot, I needed to weather him too. I applied brown and black color on edges to make him look a bit dirty.

Now there were only two parts missing. The lights and the lense. For the lense, I used a left over,

I casted in resin for another project. It was sanded to fit in the BB-8 and hold by friction.

Two blue and one red LED were installed for a little illumination highlight. The entire unit also got a

wash with a mixture of black paint and water to dull down the white surfeces a bit more.

A servo is already included to make the head move to the left and right.

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