Starwars X-Wing - Part 14: Making the wings

Next up, I was working on the wings.

Started by sanding down all the flat surfaces.

To recreate the sharp edges on the lines, I used a needle file.

This step was neccessary to make all gaps the same size.

Then all parts of the wings were glued together. Again, I used short steel rods to

make the connection really strong. This will be needed later for the moving

mechanism, cause I am not trusting glue alone. In addition, I included a ribon cable

for the LEDs. Better to do it now, cause later would be a bit tricky to get the cable all

the way through.

After I filled some smaller gaps, all 4 wings got one quick wet sanding.

And then dry before the next step.

A layer of spray filler was applied to see were some more spots needs additional attention.

Tomorrow, I will wet sand again and work on the turbines. Then the pieces will be connected, so stay tuned. More progress to come shortly.

#cmws18 #Starwars #Xwing

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