Starwars X-Wing - Part 2: Let the printing begin.

So here is another randering of the 3D model. Still not 100% finished.

But you can see were it is going.

Cant make any update on the hardware yet, but believe my it will arrive soon :D

Let the printing begin.

For this model I am just starting at the front and make my way all the way to the back.

So the first two parts were printed. Each took roughly 10-12 hours to print but I am sure some other parts will need longer,

cause I still got some room on my heatbed.

After sanding, I glued both parts together. As you can see in the picture, I used small metal rods to strenghten up the connection.

I just don trust crazy glue alone for such a big model.

To hide the gaps and smoothen out some rough spots, I used some Miliput, a two part expoy putty. After sanding it down,

I continued with some more bondo to really smooth out the surface.

While bondo on the first parts dried, I printed out the next pieces.

And sanding again. I really want to get the sufrace as smooth as possible, before priming.

That way I have to use much less filler to fill in the deep spots.

#CMWS18 #Starwars #XWing

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