Starwars X-Wing - Part 3: Sanding is the way to go

So here we are for a next small update.

I continiued with my favourit exercise sanding the printed parts.

Although, the 3D model is very detailed, some changes have to be made right on the fly.

Here I decided to include an opening to get a better hold of the pump later.

If you are wonder, how the hardware will sit in this mod later on, I made a small rendering showing the position.

From the righ: water tank, pump, motherboard, PSU, fans and radiator.

Currently I am working on some kind of system to hold a GPU in place under the motherboard.

The next parts came out of the printer and, after sanding, I connected them as far as possible.

All the gaps were filled again with Milliput.

You can already see the place for the water tankt.

Above, I am including a flap, that matches the design of the X-Wing, so I have access to this area at all times.

Some hardware parts are still on its way, so maybe I can give you an update on them in my next post.

#CMWS18 #Starwars #XWing

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