Starwars X-Wing - Part 6: Slowly but steady

This time only a small update.

Finally all the parts for the weapon system were printed.

Next step is to sand them and glue them together. For the gluing part I have a nice little

trick I will show you in the next update.

While the weapon parts waiting to be sanded, I glued more parts of the main body together.

Coming close to finishing the body part, but for the last ffew parts I need to revisit the 3D model

and make somme minor changes. I have to design a mechanism that will hold the wings lateron.

In the mean time, I printed the pieces for the cockpit.

So next week will be a lot of sanding.

Hope I can then show you the weapons and maybe the last body parts.

I will also start printing the wings and turbines.

#cmws18 #starwars

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