Starwars X-Wing - Part 9: Modding the mouse

For the X-Wing, I not only want to build it as a computer, but also modify the peripherales.

Cause, I need to figure somethings out on the X-Wing before, I started with the mouse.

First, ofc everything was disassembled

The original logo should be replaced, but to create a new centered hole,

I had to get rid of the original one. I covered the gaps with some filler,

and also sprayed some sprayfiller on top for an even sufrace.

Then, I drilled a hole into the mouse. In addition, I made a 3D design of a rebellion symbol and 3D printed it.

The symbol was then fit into the mouse and filled with clear resin.

While the resin was curing, I slightly modifyed the lower part of the mouse.

I sanded some of the edges were the ligh should shine through to make the rebellion symbol

fit in perfectly lateron.

After gluing the symbol in, everything was sanded down to the surface of the mouse cover.

I already made a small light test. Works out great so far.

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