Starwars X-Wing - Part I: The concept

Hi all, its Stefan fro

m Germany also known as randomdesign. Here I want to share my entry for the Cooler Master Case Mod World Series 2018 with you.

Before posting anything work related, lets talk about my concept for this years project.

I am a huge fan of the Starwars films (Yes, including the prequels and the new ones) and for a long time now I got the idea stuck in my head to build a case mod related to that universe.

There are many iconic machines out there in the Starwars universe like the Milenium Falcon, the Death Star or the AT-ATs and AT-STs, but I think the X-Wing is just above them all.

Looking at some pictures, I thought it is totally doable to build one as a case mod. I think many people also noticed, that the

X-Wing from the new movies (Force Awakins and Last Jedi) are a bit different in design then the old ones, not only in color. The new turbines are only on at each side split into two parts and not two on each side like in the old movies.

I went for the new design, cause I think it looks more bad ass.

Mentioning all this, the question was were to start.

Cause I make a detailed 3D model for all my case mods, I got the idea to use my 3D printers to help me with some of the work here.

So here is my progress so far for the 3D model. Its about 90% done, and I am splitting it up right now to make the parts ready for printing.

Details are also important, so I also tried to included them into my model. You can see in the next two pictures, how I added more structure to the main body and the weapons.

Thats it so far. Next, I will take a look at the final 3D rendering, the hardware for this project and also the first parts should be printed.

If you are interrested in my work you can find more projects here:

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