TAG Mods: Goon Squad

This build is based on the Goon Squad from Rage 2. Quite a bit of modding had to happen to the case just to allow all of the hardware to fit. As a full size ATX motherboard and 2 GPUS were jammed into this mATX case. The Power supply location was also rotated 90 degrees to allow the board and 2nd GPU. The entire case was also rotated 90 degrees moving the IO to the bottom of the case. The exterior of the case was heavily weathered and beaten to replicate the post apocalyptic feel of the game. The Goon Squad tag all of their vehicles with colourful graffiti and faces. The open side panel became the face and the entire case was covered in varying graffiti symbols based on in game screenshots.



MOBO: AORUS Z370 Gaming 7

CPU: Intel 8700k

RAM: 32gb TeamGroup Delta RGB

GPU: Dual AORUS 1080tis

PSU: V850

SSD: 512gb Samsung 960 Pro

FANS: Master Fan 120mm

WATER: Cooler Master MasterLiquid Maker 240.

FULL WORKLOG:https://www.cmws.global/blog/rage2

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