TAG Mods: New Colossus

Based on a Panzer Hund captured by the resistance from Wolfenstein 2. Case was selected because Wolfenstein also turned 25 last year. This build, just like the new rendition of the game is be full of Easter eggs and hidden secrets.


CASE: Cooler Master Cosmos II 25th Anniversary edition

MOBO: AORUS AX370 Gaming K7

CPU: Ryzen 1800x

RAM: Zadak 511 Shield 16gb

GPU: Dual Aorus 580 Extreme

PSU: Cooler Master V850

SSD: 512gb Samsung 960 Pro & Zadak 511 Shield 512gb

HDD: 2 x 4TB Seaagte Barracuda Pro, 1 x 2TB FireCuda

FANS: CoolerMaster MasterFan 120

WATER: Alphacool AM4 block, d5 Pump , Nickel Fittings

Video: My internet times out trying to upload.... So here is the Youtube Link!


Full Worklog: https://www.cmws.global/blog/new-colossus

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