The 600lb Computer - Part 1

Updated: Apr 3, 2018

Hello Everyone, I have decided it's time to upgrade my computer and in the process I wanted to build a desk for it. I just had a new house built and moved in in Jun of 2017. The rest of the house has been setup and my office, which is the first room you see when you walk in the front door, was still not finished. My current system is setup on a plastic folding table. HA

I had always wanted to do something different and unique. Something I hadn't really seen before and wanted it to be almost an "art" piece for the house as the first thing that you see when you enter. I've seen a lot of computer's integrated into a desk builds before and all of them felt a little cheap to me (no offense to anyone with one. This is just my personal opinion). So I started brainstorming.

My idea would be to build the frame of the desk out of metal and use an exotic African wood (I have done work in Africa a couple times so this was a sentimental thing for me) as the top. Since this was going to be a unique build I didn't want to have it look like a normal desk either. I wanted a V shape but with the V floating and only having 2 legs. The wood would be set inside the V and the computer and cooling system would be built into the legs and feet of the desk. I started sketching it out and figuring out all the measurements/angles that would be needed to make this work and be the size that I wanted. You will see below what I came up with.

For the computer components, I wanted something just as crazy to go along with the crazy desk idea. I own a video production company so the speed for editing/rendering needed to be there anyway. I also game on occasion so I wanted it to be able to do that too. Below are the components:

-Intel i9-7980xe (delidded) -MSI x299 Gaming M7 ACK -CORSAIR Vengeance RGB 128gb DDR2666 RAM -2x EVGA 1080TI Kingpin Hydro's -EVGA SuperNova 1600w P2 PSU -2x Samsung 960 Evo NVME M.2 1TB -2x 1TB SSD's in RAID0 for working drives.

-1x Asus 10gb Network Adaptor for high-speed data transfer between this system and the storage server.

The cooling system for the computer will be a dual loop (GPU's on one and CPU on another) custom hardline system using copper tubing which will be set inside the trough of the I beam. The computer system will be on the right side of the desk (when sitting at it) and the radiators will be on the left side. The tubing will run around the perimeter of the desk. There will be 4 total pumps and reservoirs. 2 will be mounted on each side of the desk. The components for the cooling system are as follows:

-2x EKWB 480mm CoolStream XE Radiators -4x EKWB D5 Pumps (Black) -1x EKWB MSI Gaming Pro Nickel Monoblock RGB -4x EKWB 250mL x3 Reservoirs -A bunch of EKWB fittings all in black along with 12 ball valves for easy draining of the system since I can't turn/tilt the system to get everything out.

So far here is what has been completed: -Frame has been cut and welded together by me (I just learned how to weld. This is my first big project so the welds are not all perfect but I don't care. I still did it myself. HA) -Wood has been bought and mostly glued together. I went with an African Zebra wood. It is extremely dense and heavy but looks awesome. Wasn't cheap either though. Just the top was almost $900 worth of wood.

-Rough cuts have been made on the wood to fit inside the V of the frame. I need to glue the two smaller wood sections together still then cut the entire thing to fit.

Pictures below for you all!


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