The 600lb Computer - Part 11

Good morning everyone, This weekend I got a good amount done but am quickly realizing how big of a project this really has been. The copper piping is getting to be a massive headache, trying to figure out the best way to route it and make it fit correctly while still looking nice and I haven't even started soldering it yet. The radiator side of the desk is complete and yesterday I started on the PC component side. I knew from the beginning that this was going to be hard but it is kicking my butt and taking much longer than I was anticipating.

My first problem I ran into was when I mounted the motherboard. The thumb screws to hold the monoblock to the board were interfering with the motherboard mounts. I had to run to the hardware store to get some small 3mm nuts.

Next, the guy who's shop I've been using brought his dad by to see the progress being made and they asked where I was planning to fill the loop from. DOH!!! That's what I get for finishing the radiator side loop at 1am. I was planning on putting the fillers right at the top of the reservoirs. After talking through the setup with both of them, we decided it would be best to put them up on the top in the "V" using some sort of valve setup so I can fill while running but then close the valve to keep water from running backwards through the fill line. I'll twist on a barb fitting attached to a flexible tube which I'll fill from. I'll add these in during the soldering process.

Once we figured all that out. I kept going on the PC side. As I started mounting components I started to realize this was going to be a big challenge. I slightly underestimated the amount if space the 1/2" copper pipe would take up on this side. Because it was going to take up more room than I thought so I had to figure out how to change the layout around to make them fit correctly. Pictures are attached with what I came up with for the GPU loop. I'll finish the CPU loop today and then get the second set of pumps and reservoirs mounted. I couldn't finish the cpu loop because I ran out of 45* fittings. I need to swing by the hardware store today and get more.

I also am wanting to add a 10gb Network card for high-speed data transfer between this rig and my network file server (new idea and not sure how I'll make it fit). The new card shows up today so I'll hopefully see if it's even possible.

Anyway, here are pictures for you. Oh and I have been shooting a time lapse of the piping process.


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