The 600lb Computer - Part 13

Started the sweating process. I have all the top sections of the piping finished. Tomorrow I'll start the lower sections. I picked up a big bottle or Nitrogen and have been purging the lines with this throughout the sweating process. Man what a difference it makes inside the pipes!!! Now if I could only make it work for the outside too! Ha

I changed the fill/bleed part up a bit from how I originally thought I would do it. I added 4x 1/2" threaded Ts with square caps. I can fill from 2 and let the other two act as breathers. I like this way better since I think it will be easier to fill.

Later this evening I took the wood pieces to a friend's house who has all the wood working tools. He let me use his tools and I cut out 4x 1/4" thick sections of the Zebra wood and cut half circles that are the same diameter as the pipe. I will use these to support the pipes on the top section of the desk. We also smoothed out the edges of the pump/Res blocks so they looked nicer. Tomorrow I'll start the process of finishing those between sweating the pipes.

I picked up another 300mm pci-e riser cable to remote mount the 10gb Ethernet card. I'll need this for big data transfers between my storage system and this system. I am not wanting to add a bunch of drives to this rig.

More to come tomorrow and I'll get more pictures. Kind of slacked off a bit today.


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