The 600lb Computer - Part 14

Update time!

I'm happy to say that the system has been filled with water, drained, filled, and drained again! There were some leaks that needed to be fixed but I think we got all of them. With the 2 pumps per loop i'm seeing around 2.2-2.4GPM of flow-rate with the pumps at 60% (default pump speed with no PWM cable attached).

I added 8 air-bleed valves and those helped get it filled but we were having trouble getting it completely full. My buddy, who owns the shop I've been building this in, suggested we get a pump and a bucket and fill by forcing the water into each loop. This worked amazingly well. We can have both loops full and clear of air within 10 minutes.

Some fun stats for the loop:

Total length of copper pipe: 87ft Total number of copper fittings: 120 Total capacity between both loops: 2.5 Gallons or 9.46L

I've attached an image that shows all the custom pieces of tubing that can come out of the desk. The big runs between the left and right side are permanent and can't be removed.

I've also been able to power up the computer components successfully. The system will actually run for almost 1.5 minutes without any cooling. This was with me shutting it down at 80*C.

I had to modify the PSU holder. I changed the way the piping routed around it and I couldn't get the PSU out any longer without removing all the water lines. I ended up cutting the mount in half and welding a 3/8" steel rod to each one. This allows me to slide the PSU up and down making it really easy to work on.

I also was able to add a 3rd PCI-E riser cable to the build for the 10G network card.

The desk is currently completely torn apart again. The next step is to clean all the copper pipes and then clear-coat them to keep them looking nice. We also need to clear-coat the frame. This will happen tomorrow after I drill 2 more drain lockout holes and a big hole for all the power cables to run under the desk. If that all goes well tomorrow, I should be able to move the desk to my house on Thursday. Then I can get going on the wiring and get it all put back together.

Now for pictures!


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