The 600lb Computer - Part 15

Today was a LONG day of cleaning up all the copper pipes. After all the handling and soldering they were looking pretty beat-up so it was time to clean them up before clear-coating them.

We used NeverDull which worked great! The copper really shines now.

We were going to start clear-coating the desk and pipes today but when we started laying down the clear it started spraying spider-webs and looked horrible. We stopped, cleaned it all up and then called a few people to see what was going on. Long story short, we needed to mix it with something else which isn't listed anywhere on the container. I am going to return that stuff and get something else. We did some tests with a Polyurethane that is more designed for wood but it seems to be sticking really well to the frame too. It also can go on a bit thicker than the other stuff we were using and gives the desk a really nice "wet" look. We will start this process tomorrow morning. If I can get it all done tomorrow it will be coming home with me Friday morning. YAY!


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