The 600lb Computer - Part 16

Another update and it's a big one!

I finally finished getting the desk clear-coated. It looks awesome now! It made the desk frame now has a cool wet look now. It's nice and dark now compared to what it looked like before the clear-coat. The copper pipes also look really cool because they have an almost matte look to them now instead of being shiny.

Since it was now clear-coated it was time to bring it home. This wasn't exactly the easiest thing to do in the world but it is now in it's almost-permanent spot. We placed it on 4x4's to keep it raised off the floor so I can work on the wiring that will be under the legs. Once thats finished I'll be able to set it on the floor. I will be adding 6 large rubber feet, 3 per side, that are adjustable to make sure it sits level.

This week I will start on getting everything setup and take measurements for the custom PSU wiring.


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