The 600lb Computer - Part 17

It's been a little while since my last update. I've been busy with work but have finally had a chance to get working on the system again.

The first thing I had to get finished was drilling and tapping new holes for the new PCI-E Riser cables. The hole pattern on the new ones is different then the old ones so that was annoying. Overall I feel WAY more comfortable with the new cables and the way they are bent then the old cables. These just seem to be able to handle the bends better without looking stressed. The new cables are the LinkUp 12gb/s versions.

After that was completed I did one final bench test and everything looked like it was running correctly. I couldn't run for long since I didn't have any water flowing. Still ran for roughly 90 seconds.

Once that was completed I installed everything back into the desk. Once the system was in I started on putting all the piping back in the desk. This took a little longer than I wanted. It had been to long since I took it apart and didn't remember how they all went. Eventually I figured it out.

After getting them all installed I decided to pressure test the system using compressed air. I filled my compressor/tank and pressurized each loop to around 5-6psi. Right away I found a few small leaks.1 being a union, another beeing one of the bleeder screws. After fixing this I refilled each loop and let them sit over-night. I figured if they both had air in the AM they would be good to add water. The next morning only the CPU loop was still holding air. I then added about 10lbs of pressure to the GPU loop to try and find the other leak. Within 10-15 seconds I heard a loud whoosh of air. The copper tube coming out of the reservoir had blown off. This I wasn't expecting to happen. I pushed it back together and re-pressurized to 6-7lbs. I took soapy water and went over all the other fittings and couldn't seem to find the other leak. I decided to fill the loops with water and hopefully find the leak that way.

After filling the system and running it for a bit, I found another leak. It was another union. This one unfortunately meant I had to disassemble the GPU loop since it was the one between the two GPUs and I can't get tools in there with both cards in there. I took them apart, fixed it and put it back together. During the filling process, which consists of me pumping the coolant into the desk using a 500GPH pond pump, I blew another tube off from the reservoir. This was super frustrating and I didn't have any issues with this before. I'm not sure what changed. Anyway it blew a ton of water all over the place. I decided to swap those fittings out for the hard-line compression style fittings. After this I feel way more comfortable with them not coming off.

After refilling again with just regular distilled water, I ran the system for a good 2hrs without finding any additional leaks. YAY! Time to drain and fill with the cleaning solution (SysPrep). Even with my planning, draining this thing SUCKS!!! It takes almost 35-40 minutes to do and requires a compressor to force the water out. I should try a wetvac sometime next... Anyway after draining, I mixed to cleaning solution and filled the loops. The system is currently running now with the cleaning solution for the next 6hrs. I don't think the system is that dirty so I don't think it needs to go for the full 12. Later tonight I'll drain the system again and fill with more distilled water to rinse the system out. I'll let it run for an hour or two then sit overnight, then run again in the morning for an hour or two. Then I'll drain it and mix the coolant and add it in! :D

I have to work all day tomorrow but hopefully Saturday I can get the wood-top done and also start on all the custom cables. I ordered them yesterday and hope to have them by either tomorrow or Saturday. Once those are finished I can start wiring up the rest of the cables and get this thing finished!

I also need to get the other furniture for the office and clean out all the junk in there. I also need to mount the 4k TV to the wall and then build my storage server.

Now for the pictures and video of the loop running!


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