The 600lb Computer - Part 2

Updated: Apr 3, 2018

I finally had some time today to work on this project. I also got a shot of the door it's going though for you all to see. HA It is taking me a lot longer to get everything laid out than I thought. I haven't even started on the actual computer components yet but I have a really good idea of what I will be doing for the coolant components.

I measured out the total run on each loop and it is around 29ft not including the distances it flows through the radiators. I will be building two of the res/pump boards that you can see below. One on each side of the desk. This should allow for the coolant system to maintain the correct flow throughout the entire loop. Each pump will be right before either a radiator or a cooling block and all 4 will be controlled the same based off the CPU fan output header on the mobo. However I am wondering if there is a way to have the loop for the GPU's be controlled based off the GPU temps? Do you know how this can be done automatically?

Onto the pictures!


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