The 600lb Computer - Part 4

Updated: Apr 3, 2018

I got more work done today other than just figuring out the power supply location. I bought and cut additional zebra wood for the pump and reservoir mounts. I also completed mounting two of the four pumps and reservoirs. I am going to compete one including pumping before starting the second one just in case there is something I missed.

I also got the desktop cut and trimmed to fit into place. I am really excited about how it looks. I think it will look awesome when stained.

For the motherboard tray, I purchased the cheapest ATX size case I could find locally and cut the tray out of it. I'll be designing a mount for it tomorrow and will weld the tray to the frame. I also decided that I am going to mount the GPUs in front of the motherboard instead of on it. I think it will look better this way.


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