The 600lb Computer - Part 6

Updated: Apr 3, 2018

Another update!

I was able to get a lot done over the last few days. I was hoping to be able to get the desk to my house by this last weekend but there was a lot more custom work that needed to be done that I didn't count on.

Images are attached but here is a list of things I was able to compete:

1. Received my 2 Thermaltake Premium PCI-E 16x Risers to relocate the GPUs. They are 300mm in length. I tried putting the GPUs on the motherboard but the tops overhang the outside edge of the leg by a good 2". Once I got those I built mounts for them. The mounts are 1.75" tall steel L brackets that I made. I then drilled and tapped the holes to screw the risers onto them. These got welded into place.

2. After the initial lower GPU mounts were in I needed to build the upper GPU mount to hold them firmly in place. This bracket started as a single straight 1/2" steel tube. After a lot of cutting, welding, and grinding I got it finished and welded to the inside lower GPU mount. I then drilled and tapped the holes to attach the GPUs.

3. Next it was time to position and weld the PSU mount. I found it I could turn the PSU sideways and get it out in a smaller space that originally thought so I was able to move everything closer together. The gap under the PSU is about 1.5" which should be enough for cables and the coolant pipes top pass through. If not I'll weld some additional tube to the height to solve the issue. I was also a toug8h worried that these two 1/2" tubes were not going to be strong enough to hold the PSU. After welding it I can't bend it. It's plenty strong. Ha

4. Mount everything!

5. Remove everything again

6. Do math to determine the correct spacing of the coolant lines. I then created a template our of thin steel plate to make sure all the holes being drilled would be in the exact same spot. There are a total of 16 holes drilled in the desk for coolant pass through lines. Each took roughly 5 minutes to drill with 3 different sized bits with the final being 5/8ths in size. For that we needed a HUGE drill and 2 people. One pushing it through and the other to help hold it so it didn't break a wrist if it got caught.

7. Test fit some tube then realize I'm 4 valves short for drains. Since this desk won't be able to be tipped over, draining each loop requires 6 valves/drain points. 3 on each side of the desk. I need them at the lowest point and each loop has 6 low points which require a drain at that point or coolant will always sit there. I'll be ordering 4 more valves tonight.

8. I built the second pump/res board. (No pictures but looks the same as the other.

9. Drilled the holes for mounting the pump/res boards. I then test fitted one of them. I think it will work out well. (No picture off it mounted yet).

List of stuff to do before it comes home: 1. Mount second pump/res block 2. Determine exit points for the 4 extra drains and then drill them if need be 3. Drill holes for running wires out from the desk to the wall (power, HDMI for tv, and network). 4. Powerwash the desk with a pressure washer. 5. Paint all silver metal parts. 6. Clear coat the desk with sealer to prevent more rust. 7. Load it to a truck and take home.

It's getting there slowly but I am getting more and more excited as it gets closer to being finished!


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