the beginning of the beast pc: TERMINATOR007

Hi, everyone!

This is the beginning of my beast, my main objective is to create a motorcycle prototype mixed with a pc with a little horror and creativity, but not just that, it will be elaborated with recyclable materials! Yes, you heard that correctly. I want to show that what some people call “garbage” might actually be used to create amazing and surprising stuff in an innovative way and even better… We’re helping the environment. This is going to be a little hard because I have to restore and redesign some stuff that is not working properly or at all right now in order to give them new life.

With that being said, I will start by explaining what this is all about and what I am going to do.

I’m going to use an old chassis, preferably one that looks like one form Harley Davidson, and I will restore it. I will also put a little hole on one of its sides and add a few tubes that used to be rusty, but now are fixed, I am going to add a skull right in the front light and cover the chassis with a bone design. The skull will be made out of Styrofoam and I am planning on add tubes with liquid running through them with different colors all over the chassis to the skull. I will redesign an old carburetor to put it as decoration. Then, I will add the pc stuff, the motherboard will be installed inside the chassis so you can see it from the outside through the hole on its side, the power will be modified so it can look as the motor, I will add some tires to make it look bigger and the screen will be right in the front so you can have access to it all times with its keyboard also integrated in the chassis. The prototype will be complete because it will have everything, but as I said before this is just a prototype made out of stuff that used to be broken or old. I want to make sure everyone understands this has no expensive materials, they are really affordable and using my skills as a creator. What I really wanted to do is show something mind-blowing and cool to everyone by making it scary and edgy.

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