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The Cosmopolitan

Updated: Jul 23, 2018

Be welcome to the worklog of project: The Cosmopolitan

I am very happy to attend for the second time this year and will submit to the Tower Mod Category as a change.

The theme of the build will be big-city- like, I will add several scale models again, but going a bit smaller than before: While last years Maker Theater was scaled 1:87, now the details are scaled 1:160.

Inspired by the fantastic Cosmos II 25th Anniversary Case, it will endure internal work-overs, of course. I will use both glass-panelled sides to display the system. The metal tone of the case consequently will be kept.

I hope to meet you in the forum, and wish everybody lots of fun and a flwaless time of building.

Next to Cooler Master, I am also proud to name Alphacool, AMD and Patriot as my sponsors for this project.

"The Cosmopolitan" will consist of the following parts:

Cooler Master:

Cosmos II 25th Anniversary Edition

V850 PSU

Masterfan Pro 120 Air Pressure RGB Fans & Controller

Vertical GPU mounting sledge


Eisblock XPX Clear with RGB ring

Eisdecke Chrome Double VPP755 Pump Top and pumps

Eisblock GPX Clear Fullblock GPU cooler

Eiszapfen series chrome fittings for Hardtubing

Cape Corp Chrome Metal Top Reservoir with UV Lighting

360 x 30 NexXxos X-flow radiator

so far


Ryzen 1700X CPU


Hellfire M.2 PCIe 3.0x4 NVMe 1.2 480GB

Viper 2x 8 GB DDR4 3400MHz

Viper LED 2x 8 GB DDR4 3000MHz

Ignite 2,5" SATA III 6Gbps SSD 480GB

My start has been to build the first city building:

and to paint and weather it by airbrush:

Now some more details on the roof are to be added:

The next step will be to add the windows layers inside and add some lighting:

Now it shows that the building is dedicated, and will stand below the CPU, later on, in the build.

By the way, I would like to show some impression of the very (newly located) place, the modding is done by me:

The next part to build will be a "housing" for the Alphacool NexXxos X-Flow 360x30 radiator, aired by 3 Cooler Master Masterfan PRO 120 RGB fans. The best thing about the radiator is the turn from bottom to top in means of IN and Out, this allows easy routing inside the case and of course a perfect self de- airing. The fans will be plugged together by a Cooler Master 1 to 3 Splitter- cable to use one port in the following controller, only.

For this, I need to print some extra parts... Maybe you can already guess, who is reminescenced by this building:

While waiting for the parts- print to be finished, it was the moment to put a hand on the COSMOS 2 25th Anniversary Case....sigh...of course this was not the humble way to treat a birthday child, but, well... by character, it will be back...I promise!!!

Today, I will focus again on the "Cooler Master Building"- to modify it, some clean, straight cut-option was needed in the first....

a very good moment to get an tool/ machinery update- this tiny circular saw is perfect for acrylics and plastics, I immediately found out :)

After having the visible cuts done, the interior needed to be cut out, to give space to the radiator with fans:

The nice thing about this detailing is the dry-time of the cement...so you can hop from piece to piece...at the moment a familiar-to-some detail is under construction....can you guess what it will show in the end? :)

So, here is the reminescene to the fantastic CMWS of 2017 :) :

which looked like this, last year:

But back to the "Cooler Master Building": With the needed parts printed, I now can put it together. The task of putting a rad with fans into it in the first was,how to bring the air into it and out of it. For that the additional "logo" panels are "closed" with window- anti-insect-net, and more entries and outlets will be done. To be able to revise and dedust that shell, it will be two halfs stuck together in the end...so far the plan, however :)

Then I mounted the logo....

Today I recieved RAM, a SSD and a M.2 by my new sponsor Patriot- now "The Cosmopolitan" hardware-setup is perfect. Thank you to California and Rotterdam! :)

The radiator housing now was enduring the last construction steps- the bottom stand was added, and the Alphacool NexXxos X-flow 360x30 radiator was fixed to the shell by bulkhead connectors. The top now is held together by a union ring. Inside the housing, the visible front corners have been covered by mirrowing edges, which bring an additional nice look, when fans are lit up.

With the AMD and Cooler Master Buildings finished, the last big tower is under construction now- the Alphacool building. It will contain the Cape Corp Metal top/Crome reservoir of 250mm height, that will lighten the interior not only by the UV Cathode but by the Alphacool Aurora RGB Ring, that has been printed in metal filament from the original. The first step now is to build up the single floors with office furniture and lacking it off by airbrush:

Next step will be to set the stools and figurines...

Meanwhile another detail was finished

Here a timelapse video of setting the figurines:

The final parts are PC screens, keyboards and cases:

Now, after all bits are placed, I gave it a fixating clear coating, and am preparing to build the tower, floor by floor, each one snugging around the Alphacool Cape Corp reservoir. The chrome reservoir base is set to the "basement", an extension adapter will route the out-flow through the new-to-come case mid-ceiling, the reservoir-in will be lead in by extensions, too, here from the buildings rear side....

Time for a first setup/ lighting test

After all floors have been set, a UV-cathode lighting test was up to do:

A few bits later the three Buildings so far have been finished- welcome to the first glimpse of "The Cosmopolitan"- now only the PC is missing ;)

To make it complete, I added the brand logo on the roof. It' s been printed transparent and hollow, so after cutting it into halves, I have glued 1x1mm blue LED into it and put it together again:

Interior planning is slowed down because of absence, but I am with it in mind all the time.....

I happily found a new workroom, so now the re-design of the case-interior can be realized so much nicer. All parts will be lacked off, so here a lot of steps is to come, to have a proper result. The front and back panel have to be done completely new, by smoke-grey acrylic sheet of 5mm thickness. It pretty much will be an angled Mainboardtray- setup... let´s see, how it all works out

Of course, the re-design of the interior is a long way to be gone in small steps: today I accomplished the under-construction of the new mid-plate, that will carry the three buildings, and the new mainboard-tray, of course. This will be as minimal as possible, and will hide away most of the cable-ways, in my planning... happy, it is coming up constantly!

The most important step, of course is to reinforce the case after taking out all constructive parts that came from stock. For this purpose, a vertical solution is screwed in, that is strengthening and carrying the mainboard (with spacers, ofc). Meanwhile also details are accomplished, like sand-blasting screw-heads, e.g.. Here to be seen the Alphacool Eisdecke double pump top in chrome with made up screws. The mainboard to be seen is a dummy board...it is fried but perfect for building

After finishing all constructive drillings and adjustments, a primer coating needs to be done:

While the laque is drying, another important detail was about to be finished- the new front of the Cosmos II 25th Anniversary Edition case:

What do you say? :)


As last step of today, the foundation was ready to get the black base colour :)

After a night for drying-time, the final coat was in range:

So today the reassembly of the case can start!

Here the result and look so far:

A good moment for a video- greet :) :

Now a first test-fit was possible, after finishing the interior front, and fixating the mid-plate structure:

Meanwhile some details need to be finished: the PSU-level Subway Station, for example

Finally, the GPU bracket was mounted, after I recieved the needed-lenght-riser cables from Highflow.nl in shortest time!

Also the needed cable grommet was set and the PSU frame was fastened:

By this the rear side of the case is finished now.

Since the AMD building so far had no practical usage, I decided to add a video screen, how to be found in big city scenery. It is a Kuman 3,5"lcd display to be connected by HDMI. This made an complicated cable management rising in the building, so, even if looking bit awkward, it now has an aircondition cube on the left edge, to cover the micro-USB power plug.

This summed up to final touches on all three buildings, like exterior cable management for roof-sign, UV-cathode and Aurora LED reservoir-ring on the Alphacool- Building plus the lower E_Wire-covering-profiles at the entrance of the Cooler Master-Building. The AMD-Building finally has been fixated and the screen got thin frame-pieces on the side, since a building would not have half windows, I decided :) Oh, yes- and an important logo still needed to be made and set:

Oh, and the Patriot Ignite 480gb SSD found its new mounting place:

One thing left to be soldered has been the subway-station lighting: the laqued-ultra-thin cables always mean extra fun, but with some patience, however:

After being some days off due to work travelling, the first thing was to mount the first sample of the up-to-come Alphacool MBX maiboard cooler. The blocks on top have been lacked of by me. Also the Cooler Master Custom CPU-block now found its new home:

With being in final stage now, an athmospheric sneak preview comes along:

With the glass doors on, the front effect is also to be found :)

After heading towards a fast finish, I decided to reassemble some parts and to put more effort into this details. Some changes will help to bring more harmony to the general appearance: In the first I will reduce the metal mix to chrome, where possible- here mainly in water-cooling parts. With the right side appearing dark in the mainboard region, I decided to change the CPU block to the Alphacool XPX Eisblock clear with the very cool Aurora XPX RGB Ring, to have a strong eyecatcher. Together with the Chrome modding set for the XPX Eisblock and a bit of chrome touch to the RGB Ring, now the CPU cooler change was successful.

One thing I really want to show is the fact, Patriot Memory massively made this project possible- a prominent sign shall be set into the build:

Now a new category is entered: Thanks to ViewSonic project The Cosmopolitan now will also be in the Monitor Mod category! Can ´t wait to start this!

From here things went on quite fast-


The details have been inspired by my first visit to Taiwan this year, which was deeply impressing to me:

Since for the Case Mod only details were needed, at this moment I can say: It is finished- and about to be submitted. I thank you for watching my thoughts here, and must say, this time of Case Mod World Series 2018 was literally amazing!

Here a summary of the final pictures:

Mod on!

The final submission posts:




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