The Ice Wall

I'm happy to introduce you to my new project called "The Ice Wall".

The key words of this project are: aesthetic charm, practicality, dismantling and quick maintenance.

It's a very special project, because it will use the Alphacool Eiswand 360 CPU directly to support the entire structure.

The anodised aluminum panel housing the hardware will be hooked to the radiator system with only 6 screws allowing a quick disassembly.

The base will be equipped with channels from the side of the pans that will allow for better sorting of connections to the waterblocks.

The acrylic rigid tubes will allow connection with the waterblocks by also combining a great aesthetic impact.

Both the base and the plexiglass monobloc above, which will combine the three radiators, will be equipped with led strips for a play of lights.

Such case is the first one in the world that uses radiators to hold the whole structure’s work.

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