The IDEAS phase

Currently in the Process of scaling the design, so far going with a scale model at 1:60 scaled from the original space shuttle design specs, its amazing what you find on the internet!

Here is a cutting from the original space shuttle program, "Main shuttle crew, operations manual" I think its amazing the amount of content that lies just beneath the surface, its a modern day treasure hunt. I was searching for anything that could produce the measurements i needed for scaling, i didnt think i would happen across something this cool!

I also had to work in the sizing of the cards to fit into the payload bay, the dream is to have the doors open to reveal the dual water-cooled 1080 ti's, just to add wow factor to have it all lit and to be switched off when everything is closed so it looks just like a scale model...

Im certainly excited to see how far this project gets me!

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#cmws18 #firsttime

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