The Mighty Q

Updated: Jul 10, 2018

This will be my biggest creation yet! :D

This build will encase the Masterbox 3.1 Lite. This very small case is about to get much larger and carry ALOT of power!

Essentially I'm making a huge Quake sandwich... Ill be making 2 of the huge Q's with braces in between. The bulk of the hardware will be mounted in the center stem. But the arms will house the watercooling as well as lighting.

The Q will then have metal reinforcements built into it to ensure that the pieces dont come apart and also allow for more connection points to the base. The base will be a large rectangle slightly wider and thicker then the Q to ensure the best balance. This box will have the metal pegs welded to support rods and then riveted into the MDF box.

I shall then fill the box with concrete to ensure the base is nice and heavy preventing the Q from overbalancing as with the base it will stand at just under 3m tall.

Initally i scaled bu the Q to ensure that the centre stencil matched the width of the Masterbox 3.1 to ensure that the hardware would fit.

I then drafted my stencil on a oversize piece of cardboard. I used carpet underlay to make this stencil.

This stencil had to be broken down into 3 different pieces so that it could fit on the 16mm sheet of MDF that the faces would be made of. (Limited in sheet size to what will fit in my car)

I cut ot the MDF with my Dremel Moto Saw and then refined the shape on the belt sander. These pieces were then dowel joined together with polyurethane glue.

The Q with out the base stands at just over 2m tall.

I then sanded all the joins and odd points to get the final shape and ensure that both sides of the Q were the same size.

Now comes the use of my favourite modding tool! FIRE!!!!!!!! To texture the MDF i used a blow torch to apply high heat in localised areas to cause the top layers of the MDF to crack and split. This is my I used 16mm thiock MDF as the fire ruins the structural integrity of the first 3-4 mm making it as strong if not slightly stronger then 12mm MDF. Here is the result of 4 propane cans.

With both sides burnt and still warm, i randomly sprayed the whole piece with different metallic greys, silvers and blacks to achieve a hammered metal effect.

With both sides burnt and painted it was time to join them!

30mm square timber was used as standoffs between the sides to hold them at the correct distance apart. These pieces add rigidity to the entire structure and were held in with wood screws as well as bring glued in with polyurethane glue.

I then welded 2 U shape brackets for the inside of each Q running along the stem. A piece of 90 degree stock and square tube stock were used to make the brackets. These U shaped brackets were bolted through the MDF with titanium bolts and washers ensuring they wouldn't pull through the material.

The rectangular box was then constructed. a metal grid was welded together from flat stock and then bolted through the bottom of the base. 4 metal pieces of square tube stock matching the interior diameter of the rods used for the U shaped brackets were then also welded to this grid.

Once the Q slid onto the base 4 bolts were driven through overlapping sections of the square tube stock to lock the Q in

IT WAS TIME FOR THE Q TO STAND! (very very very very unstably...)

Due to terrible weather and the fact that i had to work on the build outside because it physically no longer fit in my house... This that was the last WIP shot i was able to get. As the rest of the build was conducted from underneath a tarp.... But here is a rundown of whatelse was done!

Were pretty close at this point ;)

The Q was enclosed with 2mm plyboard that was soaked in water to make it more flexiable. Holes were drilled in this to allow airflow across the radiators. All of the plyboard was then paited with textured paint as well as a bunch of silvers, greys and blacks just like the faces were.

The sponsors were also painted onto the right hand side.

The Masterbox Lite 3.1 Motherboard tray and rear panel were bolted into the back face of the Q were all the hardware was mounted.

With the bottom being open the Power Supply was mounted near the tip of the base of the Q so that a power cord could easily be routed through.

There were 4 240mm radiators used in the build. All of which were mounted in the arms of the Q.

A large LED strip was also installed into the Arms of the Q to shine through the holes in the arms. And that about sums it up :D

Here is one of the final photos! See the final submission for the rest!

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