The Project "T ReX" "The End"

Temp in IDLE : 16 ºc

Full Loading Game and Working : 61ºc

GPU Temp IDLE : 55ºc

GPU Temp Gaming & Working : 64ºc

Does not have the Back Cover of the fountain to pass directly in Flow Air from the front to the back of the tower´s Back.

Hello,There all again !
In this Blog I will insert my last video of assembly because, my last part of this project that I loved to continue I can not finish it before this event.
My 3D printer spoiled the extruder + the mechanical part and had to go for warranty as such I will again attack in this great project that I leave it so for now.
I'll leave you some photos as well as painting the previous blog I hope you have liked and so ends my part here.
who knows, I'll be on time with her until the event is over.
I hope you have enjoyed this project.
I hope to have more challenges like this in the future!

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