TriNitro4 - Lego 25cm by 25cm Cube Case - HPTC / LAN PC

Updated: Jul 16, 2018

Design Inspiration:

To make a perfect cube PC case as small as possible while being cost effective and utilizing existing parts and/or parts that can be reused.

Materials List:


a) 2x, aluminium angle bar, 19mm by 19mm by 2.5m, @ $3 usd each

b) 1x, aluminium flat bar (a short piece of this), estimate @ <$1 usd

c) 4x, basic plastic feet (salvaged from a broken ottoman), estimate @ $3 usd

d) 1x, piece of peforated fabric (had readily available), estimate @ $3 usd

Sub Total: $13 usd


e) 4x, Deepcool XFans (had readily available because I replaced the fans in my desktop pc with coolermaster masterfans), 120mm, @ $4.50 usd each

Sub Total: $18 usd

Side Plates:

f) 4x, Lego Classic Sand Baseplate (purchased to give the lego look and because can always be reused for Lego), 32 x 32 studs / 10 inch by 10 inch / 25cm by 25cm, @$7.50 usd each

Sub Total: $30 usd

Grand Total: $47.50



1. The frame was built using the aluminium angle bars (a). 12 pieces 25cm long were cut and joined together using pop rivets to make the cube.

4 uprights, 4 bottoms, 4 tops.

2. 4x 120mm fans (e) were fitted to the inside of the top in a pull in configuration. Screws in the corners hold them in place. The piece of peforated fabric (d) covers them and offers both basic filteration and clean looks.

3. Another 4 pieces slightly shorted than 25cm were cut and fitted inside the frame, 2 pieces to make a base for holding the psu and the other 2 pieces to hold the motherboard.

This equated to roughly 16x 25cm pieces i.e. 400cm worth of (a)

4. 2 pieces of aluminuim flat bar were cut to make the mount for the mobo. The 4 motherboard standoffs were fitted to these pieces. The 2 pieces rest on top of the middle motherboard mount made in step 3.

5. The basic plastic feet (c) was attached to the bottom at the 4 corners.

6. The 4 Lego Classic Sand Base-plates were attached the frame with prestik (for ease of removal) thus completing the case. I could not find Velcro tape.

Fitting the components:

- The power supply was slotted into its chamber.

- The motherboard was fitted with the cpu, cpu cooler, ram, m2 2280 ssd (on the bottom).

- The motherboard with components was attached to the pieces from step 4 and then slotted into the middle chamber.

- The fans connected to a fan hub, the fan hub connected to the motherboard.

- The front io hub for power on switch etc (taken from a coolermaster elite 130 case) was connected to the mobo and attached to the bottom of the frame.

- The PSU cables were connected to the MOBO.

- The various cables such as hdmi, psu were threaded out the bottom of the case so that the 4 side panels are clean.

Computer Components Specifications Used:

CPU: Intel i5 6500

CPU Cooler: Cooler Master X Dream i117

MOBO: Gigabyte Z170N Gaming 5 (with wifi/bluetooth)

RAM: SK Hynix 8GB DDR4 2400mhz Ram

SSD: TOSHIBA m.2 2280 256GB

PSU: Raidmax Hybrid RX-530SS 530W


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