Star Wars Monitor Mod - Part 3: Making the details

Updated: Jul 17, 2018

After the printing of the panels was done, I put them into place

for a short test fitting.

To make a glow effect, I installed LED stipes to the bottom side.

The main body had to be prepared for the paint job. For that, I covered the

entire body with two layers of spray filler. Smaller gaps were also closed with some


Also the panels were primed and painted.

Cause the entire monitor should lokk a bit used, everything got some layers of weathering.

Then the first panels were attached to the also painted body.

To control the liall the light effects, I prepared a switch panel.

Here also an RGB LED will switch from red to blue, when the controlled effect is running.

I also found this little LED blinking kit in my electric drawer, so I thought why not try it out.

I will add some more details and a running light effect.

Next up will be final pictures of the monitor, then I will work on the X-Wing again.

#cmws18 #Starwars

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