Yamaha mt10 on CM 5t

After several years has to modify cases without any relation with the social networks, and having for the only Bible a left site has the abandonment more than 10 years ago. I discovered that I was not the only one in this world of the modding formerly called "tuning". The material having progressed well, I made some cases by telling me it is the last one, a drug modding. today I boos with the beautiful material and a desire to ally 3 things which I like in this life: the computing, the watercooling and this beautiful Yamaha mt10 which make me dream. Then because I cannot the credit note, ben we are going to make a small mixture 3! Having received some time ago one 5t, by defusing him, by removing the handle, the idea came to me young to more and more precise. He already possesses a good working base. Friends and marks follow me, others will follow I hope because I look for another 2 or 3 little things to be really in join in the theme. Already some big are in on this.

ASUS FRANCE for the motherboard and graphic card

COOLERMASTER FRANCE with case and psu

INTEL FRANCE with cpu and m2

ALPHACOOL for full watercooling

more pics arrived between works, children, modding and sleep.

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